Realtime Studio

A powerful, easy-to-use IDE for real-time graphics in 2D and 3D

Multi-platform export of visually-driven apps

Create anything from full mobile or desktop apps to HTML5/WebGL.

UX design and

Take visual control of your code with the built-in UX designer and animation tools. Collaborate with graphic designers and animators in a tool that speaks both code and the visual representation of it.

Easy asset

Just drag-and-drop 3D objects, textures, animation, audio or code and get to work. When exporting, your content will be painlessly converted to the right format for your target platform.

True multi-platform development

Anything you create can be exported to a number of target platforms, languages and graphics APIs such as iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, C#, Java, JS, DirectX and OpenGL/GLES.

Create anything

Realtime Studio was created to make it easier and faster to make visual and interactive experiences.

A wide range of standard components for text, 2D, 3D and back-end services can be seamlessly blended, configured and modified, enabling you to start creating right away, without locking you down to a specific platform.

Powerful visual editing

Any standard or custom-built features and components are immediately accessible and configurable through the state-of-the-art visual node editor, allowing designers and coders to work together with ease.

Target native platforms and the web

Export blisteringly fast native code, or target HTML5 and WebGL where needed. Maximize performance and compatibility without compromises. A single Realtime Studio project can be exported as WebGL, a C++ based mobile app or C# source code for integration with a legacy projects, all from the same source, without modifications.

Built for extendability

While Realtime Studio ships with a large set of standard components, it was designed from day one to facilitate experimentation and development of entirely new ideas & concepts. New rendering effects, data formats, target platforms and back-end services are continuously added, and you can easily create your own as well. Realtime Studio is as future-proof as you can get it.

We <3 minimalism!

Our 3D web exports start at 7620 bytes. Just sayin'.

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